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☆ Sukitomo ☆

...another Saitou BL movie (ftw!)

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»starring Saitou Takumi & Aiba Hiroki
»running time 70 mins.
»release date February 23, 2007
»preorder CDJapan; YesAsia
»trailer Watch it here

Following his performance in the gay-themed Boys Love, Saito Takumi, star of The Prince of Tennis musicals, continues to challenge perceptions of love, friendship, and sexuality with Sukitomo. Like in Boys Love, Saito plays opposite a Prince of Tennis co-star, this time Aiba Hiroki. Directed by Mitsuhara Mihiro (The Village Album), Sukitomo portrays that confusing time of youth when relationships become unclear and the precarious balance of love, friendship, and family is thrown asunder.

The young and earnest Tomokazu (Saito Takumi) is in his third year of university and a member of the boxing team. He has a close friendship with freshman Yoshiki (Aiba Hiroki), whom he sees as a little brother. Little does he know, however, Yoshiki's feelings for him run a lot deeper. To add to the confusion, Tomokazu's stepsister Misao (Komatsu Airi) also secretly likes him and becomes jealous of his relationship with Yoshiki. What will Tomokazu do when he finds out their true feelings?

Taken from YesAsia.

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